1. Coming together in celebration.  Something really cool about celebrating is that it is inherently a communal thing.  You most certainly can celebrate by yourself, but fundamentally even that brings a sense of connecting with something and enjoying it.  When you do celebrate with people though, everyone you meet is charged with their own excitement and they are all feeding off of each other to make the whole joyful atmosphere swell.
  2. Singing high notes when your upper register is on point.  People like to whine about how hard it is to hit high notes, but when your register is warmed up and feeling adventurous, it is so much fun to let those above-the-staff notes soar.
  3. Wing-manning for inanimate objects.  This is a new hobby of mine and I want to share it with the world in order to make it – as they say – a thing.  Step one, find some object you wish to personify.  Step two, tell your friend about this particular object as a person.  Step three, tell your friend that the object you have chosen to describe is definitely interested in them.  Step four, tell your friend about all of their wonderful attributes that make this object interested.  Step five, try to get your friend to go on a date with this object.  Yes, I am aware that this is goofy and kind of a strange practice, but stick with me.  Sometimes the people that you love don’t realize how wonderful they are.  And they might not always listen distinctly to you because they hear you tell them how much you love them on the regular.  But if it comes from a third party, even if that third party is a stapler, they just might listen.
  4. Tangible representations of love.  Gift giving is not my top love language.  I love giving and receiving gifts, don’t get me wrong, but if it comes down to it I would rather just cuddle and talk about life (and maybe grab some food somewhere in there, I’m not picky).  More to the point, gifts are really cool because they allow us to do something unique by physically handing someone a little bundle of love for them.  ‘Tis the season, right?  So why not let life be love laden.
  5. When it’s snowing and the sun is shining.  Talk about a Christmas miracle!  Blue sky and fluffy white flakes all at the same time.  The sunlight reflects off of the crystals in the air and your very breath seems to shimmer.  It is all sorts of magical.
  6. Putting up Christmas decorations.  Michael Buble in the background, a mug of hot cocoa on the table, an oversized sweater snuggling around you, and a box of festive to spread the cheer.
  7. Finding the right snack. I don’t know about you, but when I am hungry and feel like snacking on something, I usually have no clue what it is that I actually want to eat.  I rummage through the cupboards listlessly, greeting option after option with a blank stare.  But some days, some days I can waltz into the kitchen and pinpoint right away just what it is that I want to eat.  Those are good snack days.
  8. Singing in a choir.  One voice is beautiful, but 20 voices, or 30, 70, 150 voices, that’s an entirely different caliber.  The sound creates  eddies and currents, moving in variations and yet all working together.  A low unison hum that settles around the room splits and soars into eight part eighth notes.  To be a part of that movement is an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else.
  9. The satisfaction of shaving a sweater.  You start with a fluffy old thing, covered in little balled up pieces of fuzz that refuse to behave themselves.  You turn on the shaver thing (I don’t know that those are actually called) and half an hour later, voila!  You have a brand new beautiful sweater all over again.
  10. When people play with your hair.  I don’t know if I have ever encountered anything more soothing than someone running their fingers through my hair.  I know there aren’t muscles in your hair follicles, but it kind of feels like there are and that they have all been holding their breath, clenched and tight, and suddenly they can all sigh in relief.
  11. Naming pets with puns.  My friend got a new cat and named her Clawdia.  She’s adorable.  Pun names are not advisable for real human children, but they work jolly well for pets.
  12. The joy of having an excessive amount of coffee mugs.  More mugs means more friends to share an afternoon with, right?  You can wrap your hands around the warm ceramic and put your face over the steam.  Snuggles and bonding.
  13. Falling asleep to the sound of laughter.  One of the inevitable parts of living in a communal place (freshman residence hall, in this case) is that you hear your neighbors.  Sometimes far more than you want to.  But I can’t help but grin when I am drifting off and my neighbors next door or across the hall (or in the middle of the hallway) are laughing.  It is comforting to let the sounds of mirth be your lullaby.  No matter what kind of day you have had, laughter makes it end on a good note, and that is the best way to end.