1. Sprinting up multiple flights of stairs.  It’s not like sprinting across flat ground.  Each step gets harder and your legs feel heavier and your breath starts to catch.  Th instant you pause, you can expect to never get started again, but you feel really alive even as you wonder if you’ll ever move again.
  2. Parking garages.  I still don’t get how these things exist.  I understand the concept, but there just doesn’t physically seem like enough space in those things for the concept to work.  They are mind boggling.  They shall forever be one of life’s greatest mysteries to me.
  3. When strangers are really kind.  A guy turned around at a picnic concert thing we were at today and simply handed my friends and I some strawberry shortcake to have because he didn’t want to take it home.  It was so sweet of him and he didn’t have any particular reason to do it either; he just felt like it.  It gives me the warm and fuzzies to know that people do that and I hope that I will be that person if I ever have the opportunity.
  4. Picnic blankets.  Room for everyone to sit around and chat or eat or play games.  It’s a device of bringing-togetherness and I appreciate that community of it all.
  5. Revisiting something you love and getting something entirely new out of it.  It was magical the first time you fell in love with it, and when you came back you realized that it was magical in a beautiful new way alongside the old.  And when you return again, you find a third branch of magicalness.  Until suddenly, it is no longer a simple magical thing that you fell in love with but rather a detailed and intricate weaving of everything you love about it and everything that makes it special.
  6. Solving mind games.  I’m a geek.  Mind games and mind puzzles make me think and I like that.  I also love the feeling when you figure it out and suddenly your understanding is a little bit bigger, even if it is trivial.
  7. Going to the pool on a really hot day.  Pools are no fun when it is nice outside because they make you miserable and cold.  But when the great outdoors seem like they would very much like to stick you on a rotisserie, a pool is one of the best places to be.  It’s refreshing and doesn’t leave you shivering for hours.  A lovely use of an otherwise gross day.
  8. Listening to kid conversations.  Those kids just say the darndest things sometimes.  Actually, I really don’t get the point of the word “darndest” but that’s another conversation.  The point is that kids truly do have such interesting conversations.  You can’t help but chuckle sometimes at their naivety or be surprised sometimes at their unintentional nuggets of wisdom.  They are trying to grow up out loud and it is so fun to watch that process unfold.
  9. Proper tea at a cafe.  Where you choose a flavor and they give you a pot of it and a cup.  I love the sophistication of it and the elegance.  Also I enjoy feeling a little bit posh.
  10. Brunch with a friend.  The atmosphere of a little food in the morning and just you and a friend is a lovely one.  There is catching up to be done and breakfast to be eaten and company to be enjoyed.  You get the opportunity to focus all of your attention on just one person for a little bit and get to know them on a much more intimate level than you do with a huge group.  In turn, they get to know you and your friendship takes on a new level of friendshipness.
  11. Meeting your roommate.  I met my college roommate and she seems absolutely lovely.  It was such a relief to know that I’ll be living with a person who is kind and also similar to me.  I have a feeling we’ll get along very well and that God is going to bring huge benefits out of this for both of us.
  12. Improvising common household objects.  Don’t have a lint roller?  No matter, simply find some tape.  Need scissors?  Use nail clippers.  It’s fun to see what can come out of a lack of something.  You often get something else that is really a little ingenious.
  13. Owning my very own appliance.  I have an electric tea kettle.  I feel like an adult.  The fun part of being an adult anyway.
  14. Having the opportunity to support my friends in their activities.  I am so glad that I have been blessed with the means to go support my friends when they do stuff.  They are lovely talented people and I haven’t always been able to acknowledge that, but I was able to make it to several of my friends’ final dance recitals this summer and I plan on visiting another friend at her work with horses later this summer.  I love being able to see them doing what they love.  That is when they are the happiest and most relaxed, which makes me happy to see them like that.
  15. Falling asleep happy and exhausted.  When you have had an absolutely perfect day, you are usually pretty tired at the end of it but you feel utterly satisfied and full of life.  As your head settles onto the pillow, you smile softly, your contentedness settling around you like an extra blanket.  You drift off to a sound sleep and the grin just never quite leaves your face.  That is the mark of a truly good day.
  16. Being barefoot.  Everything you walk across becomes a texture underfoot instead of just a treading place.  The soft carpet slips into cool, smooth wood.  Trekking outside is an array of grass, cement, paving stones, and sand.  How very invigorating to feel all of that just between your little toesies.
  17. The way the sun looks in the mornings.  For some reason that probably has something to do with science, sunlight looks different at different times of day.  The fresh morning sun is my favorite.  It makes the world look crisp and bright and young.  Everything is infused with hope and joy of a new day and it is positively contagious.
  18. Breaking the fourth wall.  Tastefully of course.  But I truly think that no comical theatrical production is complete without at least a subtle crack in the fourth wall.  It drops the suspension of disbelief for a little bit, but it only draws the audience in more.
  19. Comparing your tan with someone else’s and realizing that there is real evidence of your having spent time in the sun.  I am a pale human being.  I have no real desire to be excessively tan, but I also don’t want to look like I’ve never ventured into the sun.  Ladies and gentlemen, I officially have a tan now.  I actually look like a human being who leaves the house.  It is wonderful.
  20. Decorating.  I enjoy putting things into a room to give that room its own unique personality.  It makes a place look quite sharp and cared for.  Also, it’s fun to arrange it all just so.
  21. Coffee table books.  I am a fan.  They are so much fun to have and to page through.  They inspire conversations and spark ideas about travel or crafts or what have you.  They tell you so much about the home where they reside.  A hiker might have a book about mountains or a photographer one of their craft.  A romantic may have a book of poetry or a happy family one full of memories.  No matter what, they are infallibly intriguing.
  22. Brick roads.  Something about cobblestones is so quaint, despite the impracticality of them.  They are bumpy and not fun to walk on, but they look lovely and they make a place immediately more sophisticated and well-aged.  They give history to a place that might not have much.  They also inspire a little bit of wonder and ruggedness into a modern world of absolute convenience.
  23. Seeing friends after long absences.  It’s still strange to think about how I will not longer see my old friends every day at school in the fall so not seeing them every day in the summer is a little hard.  Which means that when I do see them, I give them a crushing hug and then cherish every moment of time I have with them because they are truly precious to me.
  24. Frozen Yogurt.  It’s like ice cream, but it feels sort of healthy.  Also, you get to put a gazillion things on it and chow down.  Perfect
  25. Listening to someone talk about something they love.  I have a friend who is extremely excited about the school she is going to into in the fall.  She was hesitant about it at first, but she is more enthusiastic about it every time she visits.  She can talk for hours about all of her plans for next year and her face absolutely lights up when she does.  It always brings a smile to my face to listen to her enthuse about it because I know how genuinely excited she is for this experience and I am so glad it makes her happy.
  26. Waking up to sunlight.  I love to get up early, but it is also fun sometimes to wake up leisurely, watching the sunlight stream in through the window.  To stretch luxuriously and slip your feet out from under the covers and onto the floor.  To take the time to wiggle your toes and take a deep breath.  The whole day takes on a more relaxed feeling if you start it that way.
  27. Photoshoots with my grandma.  We take pictures sometimes.  A bunch of pictures.  It’s so much fun to take them with her because I have the chance to learn from some of her really creative ideas and mesh them with my own and we end up with something really neat.
  28. Watching murder mysteries with my grandparents.  For some reason, this has become a bit of a tradition when I’m at their house and I rather enjoy it.  Weird traditions like that make everyday life become just a little more fun.
  29. When you start laughing and you just can’t make yourself stop so everything ever is funny.  The first thing might have been actually amusing, but the rest is just a result of your little giggle fit.  And soon your stomach hurts but it is so absolutely worth it because life is happy.
  30. Old couples being cute.  It’s cute for a guy to get a girl flowers.  It is extra cute when he’s been doing it for sixty years.  Something about love in old age is incredibly touching and definitely makes my heart a little glowy inside.

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