1. The last weeks of summer.  Somehow, it seems that the end of summer is when all of the plans that were supposed to happen in June finally end up happening.  There is no longer any time to waste or lazy days to wile away.  Instead, there is revelry to be had and projects to be completed.  Feasts to be made and plans brought to fruition.  These are the weeks of plenty to do and plenty of adventures to be had.
  2. Falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.  Your eyelids have been dragging downward for quite a while now; your limbs have become curiously heavy as the evening wore on.  But the instant you crawl between the sheets, those nuisances become blessings of the most comfortable sort and before you know it, you have drifted off into a heavy, happy slumber.
  3. Board games.  As many diversions as exist in the world today, board games certainly don’t sound like the most exciting pastime a person could have, but they usually end up being a riot.
  4. Poking random keys on the piano.  Not really playing it per se, but pretending that you are.  Making yourself look like an accomplished composer when really you are just an overgrown toddler and actually enjoying the noises that happen as a result.  Fantastic.
  5. Getting a package in the mail that you have been anxiously awaiting.  Whether it is an important letter, new clothes, fan merchandise, or any other surprise that could possibly arrive in the mail, the feeling when it actually comes is one that makes you want to start bouncing wildly around the place in delight.
  6. Flowy shirts.  Every time you move it’s like a whole flock of butterflies just settled themselves around you.  If that does not make one feel like a princess, I don’t know what does.
  7. Getting flour on your face while you are baking.  If you can laugh at yourself in any situation, you will always have a spark of brightness in your day.  And a smudge of flour on your face is one of the most delightful things to laugh about when you are baking.
  8. Putting tons of meaning into a hug.  Some hugs are essentially just a way of saying hello.  But some hugs are a thank you that cannot be expressed in mere words.  Some are expressions of deepest love.  Pouring comfort into the soul of the wounded.  Hugs can often convey far more than just words and the hugs that are equal to a novel are the very best kind.
  9. Catching something fragile just before it hits the ground.  The vase slipped off of the table but your ninja reflexes somehow caught it before the inevitable crash and shattering all over the floor.  Win.
  10. Successfully making a rubber band ball.  Those things can be frustrating beyond toleration sometimes.  One band is not quite tight enough and suddenly four of five have worked themselves free of the structure.  But if you can make them all cooperate, they actually turn out to be pretty fun after all.
  11. Talking to yourself when you are home alone.  When no one else is home to judge you for listing off your to-do list to the chair.  You can belt songs as loud as you like when no one can complain about your pitch.  You are free to prepare your acceptance award for the Nobel Peace Prize – just in case.  Have at it, because you never know when all of that practice might come in handy.
  12. When an artist you appreciate releases new music.  Music is one of God’s most beautiful gifts to mankind and the addition of music to the world is a miracle.  Not only does this wondrous thing exist, but it continues to change and evolve and add new sounds and emotions and strings of words that all come together to build a song that has never yet been heard in thousands of years of this earth’s existence.  It is kind of mind boggling to realize that magnitude of such a simple thing as a new catchy song.
  13. A mid-day cuppa.  It’s really no wonder the British have tea time.  A lovely little break in the late afternoon accompanied by a soothing cup of tea can bolster the mind and body for a pleasant and energized finish to the day.
  14. Being proud of something that you have made.  Typically, a piece of art is rubbish to its creator, a book seems shabby to an author, a singer always feels like their song is missing something.  When it comes to our own creations, we are our biggest critics.  But sometimes, once in a very great while, the things we make actually make us smile.  We need to show them off to the world because they are exact translations of our ideas to a tangible thing.
  15. Tapping your foot to the music.  You just can’t help it sometimes.  There is so much enthusiasm in the music that you have no choice but to join in, even in the tiniest of ways.  Your foot taps and then before you know it, your whole soul is dancing.  Another example of the magic of music.
  16. When you remember something funny completely unrelated to the context of your current situation and you start laughing out of nowhere.  You may get some strange looks, but it becomes all the funnier to watch the confusion on the faces of the people around you.
  17. Throwing curtains open dramatically.  Letting in the sunlight can be the perfect opportunity to go for a little flair.
  18. Collective ideas.  One person thinks of something and shares it.  Someone else adds a thought to the mix.  More people join in.  Soon the result is the brain child of a dozen different people which makes it all the more unique and beautiful.
  19. When sparkly things cast rainbows all over everything.  The inner cat cannot be stopped at this point.  The sparkles are too tempting to turn away from.  They are quite probably the most mesmerizing thing you’ve seen all day.
  20. Going on errands with my dad.  They aren’t particularly exciting, but they always make me feel like I’m in on some sort of inside joke with him and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
  21. Waking up and smelling the coffee.  This phrase is a cliche for a reason.  It gives a sense of motivation and purpose for the day ahead.  Plus, let’s be honest, coffee just smells really good.
  22. Watching a movie with someone who reacts out loud.  Especially if you’ve already seen the movie, hearing someone else’s thoughts about the whole thing is fun.  They get into it and you can sit back and enjoy the commentary.
  23. Scavenger hunts.  They may seem a little childish, but they are extremely fun.  Especially if they involve driving around and piling in and out of cars multiple times.  They get your heart beating a little faster and you feel light on your feet.
  24. Hosting.  I love being able to have people over and take care of them.  It’s rewarding to give other people the opportunity to have a good time with good friends and good food.
  25. Managing not to compulsively chip off all of my nail polish.  That is an extreme exhibition of self-control.
  26. Finding familiar faces in a sea of strangers.  Being the only person you know in a huge mass of humanity is overwhelming and terrifying for me.  But the instant you catch sight of a face you recognize you have found a refuge from all of the strangers and the relief from that can almost knock me off my feet.
  27. Keeping in touch.  Easy to talk about, not so easy to actually do.  But it is completely worth it if you an manage to pull it off.  Those relationships become even more dear because you realize just how much you care about them to be able to keep it up.
  28. Giggling babies.  They sound so funny and the elated look on their faces are priceless little treasures.
  29. Exploring a new city.  I moved today for college and it was terrifying, but it’s also been fun.  I’ve been able to look around a completely new place and rediscover how much I love it here.
  30. Awkward ice-breaker games.  No one likes them at the time, but they really do help get to know people and find new friends.
  31. Small school perks.  My school has about 1,300 students which means that everyone is willing and eager to get to know me and welcome me into the fold.

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