1. Family.  I love my family and I don’t know how I’d ever get along without them.  We’re all crazy, but we support each other and hold each other up.
  2. Nail Polish.  Nail Polish is the bomb digity.  ‘Nuff said.
  3. Cats.  Cats are absolutely hilarious, not to mention cuddly.  My cat is a chunky bum, and I like to make fun of her, but she sure makes a nice pillow.  She’s also really great when I’ve had a tough day because she can infallibly cheer me up.
  4. Those days when you wake up and your hair is perfect.  Normally, my hair and I fight a constant battle over how it should look.  It rather likes to appear less than attractive and I prefer it to look more than attractive.  This morning I just had to brush my hair and it looked like I had spent three hours with a professional stylist.  Love.
  5. Socks.  Normally, I like my feet bare.  Maybe that makes me a hippie or something, but I don’t like smothering them in socks.  I’d rather just wear millions of blankets everywhere.  However, that isn’t exactly possible all of the time so occasionally, I give in to socks.  This usually happens as follows: My feet get cold.  I wear a blanket.  Some need to get off of my warm little hollow on the couch arises and I leave the blanket behind.  My feet get cold again.  Grudgingly, I wander up the carpeted stairs through a carpeted hallway and into my carpeted bedroom.  There, I pull out my biggest and fuzziest socks and put them on.  I trudge back through the carpeted hallway and back down the carpeted steps.  Then, I hit wood floor and my feet slide.  Suddenly, the socks are the bomb digity because I can ice-skate in them.  Then I don’t ever want to take them off.  Ever.  At least until my feet get hot…
  6. Bubbles.  Bubbles are great.  I was putting shampoo in my hand to wash my hair today, and a rather decent sized bubble just floated out of the bottle.  I was not expecting that, but it pretty much made my day.
  7. Wearing the same t-shirt as your friends.  About six of my friends decided that we were going to wear matching Quidditch t-shirts today.  I felt very snazzy running into them and complimenting their shirt.
  8. Vocal Cords.  The ability to speak is a really great thing.  I’m sure you probably don’t really think about that as you yack your face off, but they really are useful.  Spoken language is a wonder that keeps us sane and connected, so we should thank God for it.
  9. Early-mid 2000’s Pop music.  I’ve recently dug through some of my music and found the stuff from when I was just beginning to find an interest in music.  Songs from about 2003 to 2008ish started coming back to me, and I thought they were just great.  It’s kind of funny that already I’m finding myself reminiscing about the “good old days”.  I’m sure when I’m actually old I’ll be insufferable.
  10. Giving gifts.  I love the feeling when you give someone a heartfelt gift that they really love and you get to watch their face light up.  It’s wonderful to see people happy like that and be able to say “I did that.”
  11. Being the odd one out.  I was at a speech meet tomorrow and a few of my friends and I were sitting in the middle of the gym floor while everyone else stood around us.  It was really fun to look waaaaaay up at everyone else, and the air nearer to the floor makes you giddy or something.
  12. Dressing up.  I was at aforementioned speech meet today, and I’d forgotten how much fun it is to parade around like a businesswoman all day.  I don’t really want a desk job, but getting to do that every day might almost be worth it.
  13. Static.  My dad is trying to make dinner and he’s chopping up the freeze-dried herbs from our herb garden to season stuff with.  The only problem is that thy are so staticky that whenever he tries to pick up the cutting board, they all fly off.   It’s really entertaining.  Even after the seventh time.
  14. Hugging someone when they totally don’t know it’s coming.  I ran up to my friend from behind to hug her, but unfortunately, it was dark outside so she screamed and freaked out a little.  You know, the usual.  Anyway, I’m normally not very good at making people jump so it feels like a little victory when I do.
  15. Tapestry throws.  I have a tapestry throw (a.k.a. yarn  blanket) that has Pooh and Tigger on it.  I’ve had it since I was about two and it has served many purposes.  It has been a dress that could make anyone pretty (age two; result: nearly suffocated my then infant sister by placing it on her head in an attempt to prettify her), a magic carpet, and the best blanket I’ve ever owned.  I love it lots.
  16. Revelations.  You know those moments when you just realize something all at once and the world just seems to make perfect sense for about two seconds?  Love ’em.
  17. Seeing a street lamp in the dark with a small, winterbare, tree in front of it.  There are quite a few smallish trees in my neighbourhood, and I love when I’m driving up to them with a street light behind them.  The effect of the two combined is super cool because you get the appearance that you are not looking at a tree, but rather looking through a piece of fractured glass to see the lamp.  If you are ever in the fortunate position to observe this phenomenon, I would suggest that you please take a picture for me.
  18. Uglifruit.  I experienced my first uglifruit today.  My mother brought it home from the store like the novelty that it was.  I named it Merle because I thought “ugly-fruit” was rather demoralizing.  Now, I don’t have the heart to eat Merle.  He’s actually kind of cute in a weird sort of way.
  19. Hearing piano music.  I especially love to hear music with no words and just beautiful chords emanating from the piano.  It’s probably my favorite instrument ever, and I think it’s very likely the prettiest instrument.
  20. Fun Facts.  I love finding new fun facts that nobody I know knows.  I just get this wonderful feeling when I gain pointless bits of knowledge and share them with others.
  21. Laughing with my family through an entire meal.  My whole family consists of varying degrees of insanity, which I believe I’ve already mentioned a few times.  occasionally, when all of our hyper levels align on “high”, we have these really crazy meals where none of us can eat because we’re all laughing so hard.  Usually the subject is my sister, but I won’t lie and say it’s never been me.  Usually though, my sister does something really hilarious and then my dad puts in a perfect punch line, and my mom and I can’t breathe we’re laughing so hard.  It feels really good to laugh that hard.
  22. Going out of your way to do something for someone just because you know it will make their day and you want to see their face light up.  If you’ve never done this, stop reading and go do it now.  It will probably be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done, especially if it’s unexpected.
  23. When you’re walking down the hallway at school and almost everyone you pass wishes you a good morning.  It makes you feel like there are so many people out there who love and notice you.
  24. Cookbooks.  I have a thing for cookbooks.  They just make me happy.  When I’m eightyish, I’ll probably have a whole bookshelf devoted to them.  They’re just so fun!
  25. Ballgowns.  I really love the huge, hoop skirt style ball gowns. Wearing one makes you feel like an absolute princess.
  26. Almonds.  Almonds make really great snacks because they taste delicious, and they fill you up just the right amount.  I’ve been told that I should only eat ten in a setting or the fat consumption is too high, but I don’t know if those people even know how addicting they are!
  27. Calendars.  I have a page-a-day calendar in my room entirely devoted to shoes.  Some are ridiculously gaudy, and some are so very pretty.  My wall calendar is also pretty great.  It has teapots on it and tells me all kinds of fun facts about that wonderful beverage.  Most of them are British, which is even better.  My sister’s calendar gives her warning signs so she will know when her cat is considering murdering her.  Calendars are just a wealth of greatness.  If it was up to me, I would have at least six or seven calendars scattered around my bedroom.  Ode to Calendars!
  28. Crises.  I had a crisis today.  I was getting out my golden glitter glue to mark off the day on aforementioned tea calendar, when the cap fell into the labyrinth that is my bedroom corners.  I searched and searched for the cap so that my poor glitter glue wouldn’t dry out, but to no avail.  Finally, I had my father come help me.  We got our detective hats on and detected for it.  When we finally did find it, I just laughed so hard because I had considered losing my glitter glue cap to be a crisis.  It was actually kind of a fun crisis to be honest…
  29. British things.  We may have the exact same thing in America as the Brits, but something about that island just makes everything a thousand times better.  Their accents are heavenly and their tea is wonderful and they have great TV (excuse me: tele) programs, etc.
  30. Jersey Sheets.  I have these sheets called Jersey sheets that are just the bomb digity.  The only way I can even begin to describe them is that they are like sleeping in a crisp, clean, giant t-shirt.  Sooooooooo comfy.
  31. People.  No explanation necessary.

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