1. Chocolate.  I feel like it was a little bit inevitable that chocolate would make this list.  It’s just so perfect.  Excuse me while I go eat some.
  2. Bawling at chick flicks with my mother.  I used to make fun of my mom for crying at every movie ever, but I suppose I inherited the gene because I do it too now.  We’ve gotten into a habit of watching chick flicks together and bonding as we drown in our tears.
  3. When my sister pretends to be a dinosaur and tries to eat her food with her arms bent like a t-rex’s.  I’m not sure that explaining this would help any…
  4. Being told I’m beautiful.  If someone calls me cute or gorgeous or hot, it’s endearing, but nothing touches the soul like being told that you are a beautiful person.
  5. Heyhihello! This band has amazing music and they really helped me get through some hard stuff in my life.  All of their music is cheery and unique.
  6. Fantasy books.  I used to read only fantasy, and it was a bit nerdy and overboard, but I still have a soft spot for it.  I really love how many different worlds you are introduced to with fantasy.
  7. When old people hold hands.  It’s just the most adorable thing to see and old couple walking around holding hands.  It’s encouraging to look at them as know that love can still be just as perfect so many years after it blossomed.
  8. Over-large old sweatshirts.  I have two of my parents’ college sweatshirts that are both too large for me.  One is my dad’s from some football championship and the other is from my mom’s dorm.  They are the comfiest things ever.
  9. Checking things off of a to-do list.  It just feels so good to make that little mark on a piece of paper.  Psychology proves that those little check marks are mentally beneficial.  I’m actually kind of tempted to make a list of ridiculously easy things just to get my check-mark happiness for the day.
  10. When my family and I surround my cat and meow at her.  Her reaction is priceless.  Every time.
  11. Youtube.  I’m not exactly sure where this magical place came from, but I’m glad it exists.
  12. Getting up before five in the morning.  I know, it sounds horrible.  Believe me, it’s not something I want to make a habit of, but if you only do it every once in a while, it’s almost exhilarating.  The entire world seems to be still asleep, and there’s just this wonderful feeling that goes with it.  It’s pretty indescribable.  Try it sometime, then go back to sleep.
  13. Binocualrs.  My dad was birdwatching for some reason, so I borrowed his binoculars to test them out.  I don’t use binoculars very often, and I’d forgotten how beautiful the world looks through them.  Whatever you focus on is outlined in crazy-crisp detail and everything else has a soft depth-of-field look about it.
  14. Love.  Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I’ll go ahead and be cliché.  But for serious, love is an amazing thing.  It’s awe-inspiring that God decided to give us the ability to love and not just follow Him blindly.  He loves us so much that he couldn’t bear to force us to love him back, so he let us choose.  We’ve broken his heart so many times and he still loves us.  Happy Valentines Day God!
  15. Harry Potter workouts.  If you google this, you will find a specific workout to do during each Harry Potter movie.  They are intense, and super fun.
  16. Gingers.  They’re insane, but they’re harmless, I promise.  I haven’t been mauled by one in years….
  17. The Muppets.  These little puppets are truly adorable.  All of their stuff is so endearing, It makes me happy.
  18. Weeping Angels.  My algebra teacher has a weeping angel in his room.  I vaguely understood it from what my friends had told me about Dr. Who, but when they showed me the episode, it made a lot more sense.  Fortunately, my teacher’s is only a few inches tall, so I’m not too afraid of it.  Don’t blink.
  19. Vintagey stuff.  Vintage is fun, and I love looking at a bunch of old stuff.  It has so much character!
  20. Norwegians.  My school has a Norwegian exchange program and all of our Norwegian students are super great.
  21. Snow days for no reason.  My school called a snow day last night for today.  When I woke up, there was zero snow on the ground.  Not that I’m complaining or anything.
  22. Cooking for my family.  Cooking is so much fun, and the best part is when I make food that is actually good and my family likes it.  When my sister goes back for seconds of my cooking, it’s like someone just gave me an award.  It makes me feel so good inside.
  23. Making the right decision.  Sometimes, pardon me for getting all touchy-feely on you, it can be annoying, embarrassing, and downright difficult to make the right decision sometimes.  Especially when the right decision hurts.  Sometimes it hurts socially, sometimes physically, and sometimes emotionally.   It’s weird though, because no matter how painful the decision may be, it starts a fire inside you that makes you resolute.  If you’ve made your decision but you still feel torn about it, may I suggest that you haven’t made the decision?  At least not in your mind?  When you do feel that resolution that what you did was right and there’s no turning back to regret it, it seems like you’re always walking toward life.  It’s a good feeling.
  24. Commas.  You, may, have, noticed, but, I, love, commas.  In fact, I love commas so much that I have a tendency to overuse them.  Lots.  Stuff happens, I guess.  I was born with the commas of awesomeness gene and I’m proud of it.
  25. When YouTube makes the Amazing Race.  I was watching the Amazing Race and I saw that there was a team from YouTube.  I felt like a proud parent that the internet community had finally decided to do something exciting.
  26. Childhood.  I don’t know about you, but my childhood was pretty much the bomb digity.  If your childhood wasn’t the bomb digity, go finger paint a little and come back.
  27. Baking Cookies.  I think cookies are one of the absolute classics, and baking them is capturing a bit of the baking spirit.  Yay for baking!
  28. The phrase “level up”.  I brought this up to my mother a few days ago and she didn’t know what it meant.  It took a while for me to explain it to her, but I got it through eventually.  Vocabulary level up!

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