1. The laughter of children.  I think that kids’ laughter is one of the happiest sounds in the world, and it is crazy contagious.  Every time I hear little kids giggling, I can’t help but smile
  2. Carpooling.  I’m not trying to go all WWII propaganda on you, but carpooling is really fun.  I have several different groups that go with me to different events, and all of them are loads of fun.  It gives you a chance to use as much time to socialize as possible.
  3. Tea.  Tea is one of my favorite drinks, and it makes me feel so British.  I have kind of an obsession with it, I guess.  All of my friends give me tea or tea-related things as presents and I don’t mind one bit.  I guess it just makes me feel so sophisticated and classy.  I mean, who can deny that tea makes you look classy?  It’s kind of a given.
  4. Movie soundtracks.  Whenever I’m working, I have music on, and recently I’ve had a thing for movie soundtracks.  They make whatever I’m doing feel like it is important enough to warrant epic music and it makes me more productive.  Right now, it’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Whenever it gets to a battle scene or a task or whatnot, I feel like there should be flashes of wandlight all around me, and it makes me happy.
  5. When I’m cooking and whatever I’m making turns out right without any angst and issues.  Usually, something is guaranteed to go wrong when I’m cooking, but there is the rare and beautiful instance that everything works exactly like it’s supposed to without a glitch.  Those are the days when I never want to leave the kitchen because I love cooking so much.
  6. Determination.  Every person that has ever accomplished anything in this world has needed to be extremely determined to get there.  Even just the little things can take effort to grit your teeth and keep going.  I really admire that quality in people.
  7. Whispering.  I have a new hobby.  I have decided that it is really entertaining to start whispering for no reason.  Usually, especially if you are only talking to one person, they will automatically start whispering too.  It’s really fun to see how well it works.
  8. Thinking in a British accent.  I do not live in or near England, but sometimes I’ll just start thinking in a British accent.  It happens.
  9. The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren.  I haven’t had a chance to read any of her other work yet, but Mrs. Bergren writes an excellent romance throughout this series.
  10. Research.  I know I sound like such a nerd, but it’s true.  When I watch a movie and I think I’ve seen a certain actor elsewhere but I’m not sure, I go looking it up.  There is so much out there that you never knew you’d even care about, but it’s all so interesting.
  11. When my cat lounges around in the most uncomfortable looking poses.  Sometimes, I’ll look over at my cat and she’ll have her head twisted upside down and be sitting on top of a wooden block or something.  She always looks uncomfortable, but it’s like she’s too stubborn to move.  Silly thing.
  12. Old picture frames.  I love the super ornate old picture frames that are all over my house, especially the ones that are filled with a stiff old black-and-white photo of my great grandparents.
  13. Being self-contradictory.  I know I am, but I honestly do think the opposite ends of the spectrum can  have equal appeal.  I think embarrassing childhood photographs are both amusing and insulting.  It’s not always a bad thing either.
  14. Typing nonsense. Aalkfjhawelirgfkjanlkdfhjosweirhlksjdhflksjhljhckaujhlweuhflsd.
  15. The game.  I just lost the game.
  16. Being proud of my innocence.  I won’t lie, I’m a pretty innocent person.  There have been quite a few instances already in my relatively short lifespan where I’ve been forced to stand up for my high standards.  I feel no shame in calling my friends out on their profanity and stuff.  It makes me stand out, but I’m glad for it.  I get to avoid so much unnecessary vulgarity this way, and it makes it easier to see the truly beautiful things in life.
  17. Periwinkle.  Hands down, this is my favorite color of all time.
  18. Trying on dresses.  I love wearing dresses in general, but something about dress shopping makes me feel like I’m five again and playing dress-up and I appreciate it.
  19. Musicals.  I enjoy participating in musicals, watching musicals, nostalgically remembering musicals when I hear one of the songs five months after it’s over and I still have the entire thing memorized… All that jazz!
  20. When one of my quirks catches on.  I love it when I start noticing other people doing little things I do, like calling people honey bunches of oats.  It makes me feel like other people care about me and look up to me.  Yay!
  21. Randomly bursting into song.  I’m pretty sure that my life is actually a musical.
  22. Getting a good haircut.  My hair doesn’t like me.  When I come out of the hairdresser’s with hair that makes me happy, it makes me happy.
  23. Redundancy.  I am a fan of unconventional and unusual uses of literary devices.  Redundancy is something of which I am a fan.  But only when it’s not annoying.
  24. Motivation.  I really like when I have this huge surge of motivation to tackle all of those little projects that I’ve left unattended along with all of the new ideas that have popped into my head.  I feel so productive and superheroish and stuff.
  25. The Icarus Account.  This band.  So many adorables.  So many feels.  My three favorite songs of theirs (in case you care) are Angel of Mine, Too Young For This Love, and The Subway Song.
  26. TV show theme songs.  I love when I get obsessed with a TV show and then whenever I hear the opening credits’ song, I receive a lovely dose of the feels.
  27. Rediscovering childhood fandoms.  Rainbow Magic Fairies anyone?
  28. The fact that Four in the Divergent movie is Mr. Pamuuk.  That makes me laugh.
  29. Being photogenic on accident.  It’s kind of a rarity for me.  A mauvelous rarity.
  30. The Mauvelous crayon.  In case you’re concerned that I’m spelling marvelous wrong, I promise I’m not.  It’s a crayon called mauvelous and it has forever redefined the term.

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