1. Shuffling a crisp new deck of cards.  They slip by each other, neat as you please, folding into a perfect pile.  Satisfying swishing sounds as they bend in a sort of dance.  Reds and blacks blur together, suits mix, courtiers with common numbers, everything moves into a new space but from the top, the deck looks like it almost hasn’t moved at all.
  2. Spending time with people you miss.  I got to see some of my school friends today and it’s only been two weeks since school got out but boy was I glad to see their faces again.  It’s fun to see them more often than going three months without much contact, plus I just enjoy their presence all the time and why not have more of it off campus?
  3. Secondhand excitement.  My sister gets to travel across an ocean and spend some time in Italy and Greece over the next few weeks and watching her face light up when her trip is mentioned makes me pretty excited for her too.
  4. Taking up physical space to draft an idea.  Writing snippets on sticky notes and plaster them all over the wall.  Moving them and adding to them as you watch your thoughts play out in front of you.  Turning vague ideas into tangible prospects.  It’s pretty satisfying to see that little idea blossom into an entire wall full of development.
  5. Finalizing big projects.  It feels like a physical weight lifts off you when you finish a looming deadline and send it away.  Whatever comes next, it’s no longer in your control, but it’s no longer your responsibility either.  And that’s scary, but a little exciting too.
  6. Having big, unreasonable dreams.  Be irrational.  Aspire to achieve all the quirky, off-the-wall, larger-than-life, terrifying sort of goals that don’t make sense.  Learn something new.  Most of your endeavors probably won’t end the way you expect them to, but a few just might turn out.  And the rest?  Those are adventures worth cherishing.  This might be one of the cheesiest string of sentences I’ve ever written, but it’s all worth it because I mean every word.
  7. Taking on the challenge of a blinking cursor.  Hello to any of my writer friends, and also those of you who may be going through some sort of education that requires you to write Essays.  You know the feeling.  Staring at a blank screen as a thin, black line blinks, throwing down the gauntlet.  Daring you to make it move.  Some days, you have nothing to give.  That cursor may as well be a boulder for as far as you’ve managed to budge it and it only gets heavier by the minute.  You do anything else to avoid it because that tiny blip on the screen is insurmountable.  But then there are the days you are inspired.  Words cascade onto the page, brushing the cursor away like wind in a sail.  Those days, the cursor is nothing more or less than a few pixels blinking white and then black.  White and then black.  Nothing to be afraid of and nothing standing in your way.