1. Hyping up perfectly ordinary situations.  It’s fun to make a tiny victory a big one.   A kid successfully completed a jump off the diving board for the first time.  That deserves a full applause and ecstatic cheering.  Your friend gets the internship they were trying for.  That is plenty of reason to publicly share how proud you are as many ways as you know how.  People achieving what they strive for is always worth taking time to celebrate.
  2. A passion for goodness.  This world is sinful and broken and it’s not much of a challenge to find examples to back that up.  But this world is also governed by a God without a scrap of badness in Him and in yearning for him, we look for the good amidst all the world’s scars.  Even amidst the horrors, evils, and sorrows, people still want to see the best in each other.  We are built to find beauty, and the best place to see it is in the one who made it himself.
  3. Being tan.  I am not usually a person with much pigment in my skin and I don’t make any deliberate effort to change that, but I’m also not sad when I spend hours on end outside and at the pool consistently throughout the summer and come back a little more golden than pasty.  It’s like I drink up the sun and let it sit in my skin.
  4. Big breakfasts.  Pastries, eggs, bacon, juice, coffee, fruit, abounding from the table.  Everyone gathers around the table, still blinking sleep from their eyes, and enjoys the aromatic, colorful, beautiful taste of the morning.
  5. Listening to the end of the rain drip from gutters and trees.  This is the sound of satisfaction.  A contented, lackadaisical sound of effervescent chatter at the end of a meal.  The ground is refreshed, but not quite finished lingering in the joy of provision.  Droplets stand in sharp relief against hyper-vibrant leaves.  There is no harsh sun yet to dry them off and send them back to work.  Instead, they lie blissfully in an unhurried moment of calm.


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