A New Glass Story

Back in October, I posted this little discourse about a piece of art in my life, namely the stained glass that my grandpa made for my mother when she was in high school.

I am beyond excited to share this post as I have been eagerly waiting to give you this update since Christmas, but I was waiting to be a little more acquainted with my big surprise before I spilled the beans.  Are you ready?  Here it is:

My grandpa read the post about my mother’s stained glass and he made a brand new piece just for me for Christmas.  It was easily the greatest Christmas gift I have ever received.  He hadn’t worked with stained glass in probably close to thirty years before he read that post and it was enough to help him dive back into his old hobby.  He also made a scene for my sister and since then he has made a few more decorative pieces.  My grandmother also resurrected an old habit that she had been away from for years by painting pictures for both of my cousins.  They couldn’t wait to give us the gifts and we couldn’t stop admiring them.

My stained glass is up in my dorm room right now.  Like my mother’s, it depicts a young woman, but that is about where the similarities end.  The woman in my scene stands profile in the frame wearing a deep maroon dress.  Her auburn hair lies piled on top of her head, but several locks have fallen down around her face and ear.  She clutches a richly textured cream and tan coat to her chest.  Her chin is angled slightly downward, whether in contemplation or shyness or something else all together it is impossible to tell.  Behind her head, a circle of clear glass is surrounded by shards with a delicate almost lace pattern etched into them radiating toward the edge of the frame.  The whole piece is breathtaking.

I feel like I’m not doing this gorgeous piece of art justice, but perhaps that is just as well.  I wanted to write a blog post telling her story to emulate the other stained glass piece, but after a few months of getting used to her presence, I realized I still don’t know her story.  I’ve not had so many years and such an apt child’s imagination to create the picture outside of the frame yet, but I don’t mind.

She is a new person I get to discover piece by piece as I get to know her.  I am in a part of my life where things are constantly changing and growing and I’m changing and growing with them.  This stained glass girl will get to go through all of that with me and together we can add more experiences and more life to our arsenal.  We can amass stories together.

As I prepared to write this post, I got to thinking about all of the places that I’ll be living over the next few years.  I’ll have dorm rooms and apartments and a house or two isn’t out of the question.  For all of those places, my stained glass girl will set up shop in a window and live there too.  She will look out over all sorts of landscapes before she settles in a real, permanent, lasting home.  And I’m pumped for it.  Because those are adventures and little homes that I get to experience too.

And one day, I hope, she will settle into a window to stay for many many years.  And perhaps, while she looks on over my life, my children will get to survey her.  They will have their own imaginations and spin for her their own tales.  They will share their dreams with her and transpose their thought into her mind.  Then she will have a whole new set of adventures and I will have the privilege of a vantage point much like hers from which to see them unfold.




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