In Transit

I’ve been seeing a phrase making the rounds on Pinterest and consequently general home decor lately.  You are here.  You. Are.  Here.

You are not a human in transit.  This time in your life is not merely the time between one era and another.  It is not a moment solely of anticipation, where right now is only comprised of anxious waiting for that one moment or that one achievement that will jumpstart your personhood again.

As a college student, this is something that I have to wrestle with on some level every day.  College is this really unrealistic lifestyle that exists within its own little bubble called campus.  You don’t really live on your own, but you definitely aren’t living with your parents.  You don’t have to cook for yourself if you don’t want to, but if you want to find groceries when you open the fridge, you have to buy them.  You are swaddled in an environment where you are free – and even encouraged – to develop your own opinions about life and make your own decisions about how you want to live your life.  And the cool part is that everyone else is sort of in the same boat, so there is an ephemeral community created simply by fitting into that class of humans that “real adults” are slightly worried about called college students.

As apt as college is to look like a movie scene (because it really does sometimes, it’s crazy), these two or three or four years, or seven years if you’re a medical student, are real life.  The time you spend in higher education is not a single-purpose way of taking you from being a child to an adult.  If that’s all that you are getting from college, you’re doing it wrong.

Your time as a student counts.

You are growing right now.  This very moment, you are learning and changing and that is a beautiful thing.  Don’t blink and let this undulation brush by.  Today you might make the closest friendship you will ever have.  Today might be the day that you come to understand where your passion lies and what you want to do in this world.  This moment could be the one where you touch the life of someone who you didn’t even know was listening.

If you laugh today, it is an important day.  If you cry, this day matters.  If you breathe, this moment is worth more than you can fathom.  Because you, not the person you will be when you graduate or the job you will get with your degree or the surname you will have when you’re married, you, right here right now, are alive.  And you are indescribably loved by your Creator.  And that makes you priceless.

So when you swing your legs out of bed, don’t ask Where do I see myself in five years? but What wonderful things are present in this moment?  How wonderful is this life?  Savor the way that your toes brush the floor and the curve of your ankle.  Revel in that groggy moment just before you gather the momentum to rub the sleep from your eyes and push your body up into a new day.  That, dear friends is you.  And you are here.