Coffee Shop Musings

Hello friends!  It has come to my attention that, along with being World Down Syndrome Awareness Day and Holy Monday, it is also World Poetry day.  As I am a fan of poetry, I thought I’d post a little something for you that I wrote in a coffee shop a few weeks back.  Nothing too special, just a little poem I would like to share.

Enjoy!  And be sure to tell me in the comments what you think.


The music of a band of voices, conversations, events, progress

None distinct but all individual blends or aromatic concoctions

Not Bach or Sheeran or Lennon or Crosby, but inflections of each layered

Words are secondary to syllables brewed with the chinks of glasses

Percussion flutters in turning pages and tapping keys

A symphony in its own right crescendos and billows when the sun streaks in the windows

In reality it is too many symphonies to count, each listens to its own

Smooth going down, warm in the belly

Tongue and nose and eyes listen from the opera boxes

They use their glasses to spy on the others, but it is only a habit

They are content

And why shouldn’t they be? Surrounded with such luxury

It is a blessing that the song has no melody for indeed there are too many to count

Movement as though the very creature stirs in its sleep

Never enough to wake, but always to wonder if it might

Dance together with the captive audience as it so wishes to do

And they wish it too, for they are already dancing