River of Time Part 7

Here it is!  The promised next installment!  I hope you enjoy it!

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Characters and the original story still belong to the wonderful Lisa T. Bergren.

More to come soon!

The next morning, I woke up slowly, trying to cling to the dream I’d been having of the castello. Eventually, I admitted that I was too far awake to get back to it, so I forced myself out of the smooth sheets and into this bizarre world that was once upon a time my home.
I threw on a top and my favorite midi skirt. It was black with sweeping brushstroke flowers in golds, greens, and pinks scattered across it. The material was so light and flowing that any movement sent the whole skirt rippling. I figured Luca could probably deal with seeing my calves alright, after all it wasn’t the first time I’d worn clothes that Medievalville would find utterly shocking.
Loving the feel of the luxurious carpet beneath my feet, I padded barefoot into the suite’s kitchen. Luca was already up, cautiously sipping a glass of water.
“Good morning, my angel.” Luca said, visibly relaxing as I entered the room. He sprang out of his chair to give me a quick kiss.
“Good morning Luca.” I smiled up at him, still a little in awe that this amazing man would do anything, even follow me to a world he couldn’t fathom in order to love me better.
“You look lovely this morning Lia.” Luca took my arm and twirled me around, sending the skirt into a flurry of motion. I grinned and he twirled me again, both of us laughing at the unusual place in which we found ourselves.
“Come on,” I said, not letting go of Luca’s hand when the twirl was finished, but dragging him toward the door, “We have some eggs to buy.”

The marketplace was already bustling when we arrived. Luca seemed more at ease here and I knew it was because it reminded him of home. We wound our way around for a bit, occasionally picking up some sort of foreign fruit for Luca to try until we found a vendor selling eggs. He was an old man, but very spry. His eyes were crinkled with laugh lines and the way he bustled around his stall exuded happiness. Luca bartered easily with him in Italian and the vendor seemed completely charmed with my man.
I took a step back to take in the scene, wanting to sketch it later, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a stunning young woman behind me. She had dark hair that fell in perfectly shiny waves to her waist. Her eyes were a striking hazel and ringed with thick dark lashes.
“Is he with you?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at Luca. I frowned, trying to sift through all of the snippy comebacks on my mind and find something relatively polite to respond with. However, all that emerged was a strangled croak.
“Yes I am.” Luca’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, his voice warm and proud. I smiled up at him as the young woman nodded and began to slink away.
“Wait!” I called, finally remembering my nice side.
“Yes?” She asked, returning to stand a step closer to Luca than I liked, but I continued anyway.
“I..” I stammered, suddenly feeling foolish next to her graceful presence. “I just wanted to say that you have absolutely beautiful eyes.” I grimaced inwardly, realizing exactly how strange that sounded.
“Thank you.” She said, a smile lighting up her face as she held out her hand to Luca. “I’m Emiliana.”
“A pleasure to meet you, Emiliana.” He said, taking her hand. “I’m Luca and this is-“
“Alessandra.” I cut in, surprised to find that Rodolfo’s wife was the first name on my mind. I knew I couldn’t give my real name with the police on the lookout for me. Luca gave me a questioning look and I squeezed his arm, hoping he would play along with it.
“You look familiar.” Emiliana said, biting her bottom lip as she examined my face.
“I don’t think we’ve ever met.” I said, trying to sound as innocent as I could. Apparently she was satisfied because she smiled and excused herself to a different stall.
“Alessandra?” Luca asked as soon as she was out of hearing.
“Police are searching for me, remember?” I whispered. “I have to be discreet.”
“Right.” He answered, readjusting his arm more protectively around me. “Let’s get back to the … how do you say it?”
“Hotel.” I said, mustering a small smile. Making it through this week kept getting even more difficult that I had anticipated. I only hoped it would get easier from here.


A Few Promises I Intend to Keep

I am officially a month behind on the Daily Beautiful.  Which is a bummer.

There are several reasons for that, but the main one is that I have been avoiding my computer this summer.  I spend far too much time on it, so I’ve been using that time to have a pretty lovely life the past month.

However, I do have a pact with you as my reader and I apologize for the lack of material this summer.

So here’s my plan:

  • The Daily Beautiful will be up to date by next Friday.
  • There will be a new River of Time post up for you by next Tuesday.

Hold me to those please.  Thanks for all of your continued support during this latest lapse and I shall do better throughout the summer.