To the Tea

Prompt from The Daily Post.  Hope you’re having a great day!

Dearest Ambrosia,

I can’t remember when this beautiful adventure began.  I’m sure there was some sort of love-at-first-sip experience, but it isn’t coming to me.  All I know is that it has been a good many years since I first began to dote on you.

I have amassed quite the collection of things for you over time. I have a china teacup (just one because this relationship is a rather intimate one, wouldn’t you say?), a mug with the Cheshire cat’s face, a tea set from Singapore, a loose-leaf individual serving steeping cup, a two serving pot designed to pull the tea-bag out of the way when it is finished brewing, a hand-painted (by yours truly) teapot that looks like a fishbowl, the decorative container that my loose-leaf oolong tea came in, the tin that once held my British tea biscuits, the strainer from the glass I bought in Canada (that is sadly broken now), a beautiful box with individual dividers for tea bags, and all of the various teas I have acquired over these many beautiful years.

Do you remember our excursions in England?  There was the cafe where everyone ordered Coke, but I ordered green tea.  We have a new connection since then.  It was like you brought me home to your parents.  Or the Churchill war rooms?  I used cream for the first time.  It felt a little risky at first, but it was another level of connection in our relationship.

You are always there to pick me up when I need you.  My English tea bags even remind me that there is no trouble so great that it cannot be greatly diminished by a nice cup of tea.

There was the day that I went home sick and we had a quiet little tea time.  First at the bar, then we ventured out into the rain together to sit on the front porch.

Or the time that my finals were so abysmal that I was reduced to tears.  You were there to remind me that it wasn’t as bad as all that. Moping isn’t attractive either, and you helped me to remember that.

Thank you dearest tea, for your wonderful contribution to my life.

With love,

Your faithful addict


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