Happy New Year, Everyone!

A beautiful thought to begin 2015.

the fabric of grace

This is something that’s been on my heart lately that I feel is especially prevalent here at the start of a new year.

We’ve all been told that life is a beautiful gift, and I’ve said that so many times in previous posts – but life doesn’t always seem that way.

It’s all too often terribly tragic, heartbreaking, and stressful.

It’s full of moments that make us bawl because we’re sad, and tear-up (or bawl once again if you’re like me) because we’re so happy. It’s full of hugs and love that bring us together and trials and conflict that tear us apart.

But life is beautiful.
And if for no other reason, simply because of the One who created it.

You can always take heart in that truth when the world’s tearing you to shreds, when you’ve just about had enough, when you’re exhausted and ready to give up.

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