My apologies for the little bit of language in this, but I thought it was too good not to share. I take so much pride in this great state I call home.

Lanny Fuller - A Boy With A Pen


I’m writing this post out of frustration. The state I call home has been tainted by BuzzFeed-ish bullshit – articles full of Runza, cows, Dorothy Lynch, Husker football, and Warren Buffett.

I love Runza just as much as the next Nebraskan, but seriously? That’s the reputation of our state?

It’s all wrong.

Nebraska is a great place to claim. But it’s not because of unique fast food joints and billionaires. Nor is it because of a sold out stadium making headlines every week.

My feelings for the corn state run deeper. And my Nebraska-boy attitude stems from something unmentioned by the articles eating up my news feed.

Out here, the way of life is what makes this place special. It’s simple. People understand there’s more to living than national news or 140 characters on a screen. Nebraska natives find joy in the simple stuff. Like the one finger wave (no, not the naughty…

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