A Note of Encouragement (for you)

A few little tunes to remind you that you are precious:



That’s all!  I just wanted to let you know that life’s looking up.  God has everything under control and you are his beloved child.  Have a mauvelous day!


When I Say

Here’s a little poem I wrote, I though you might enjoy it.

Why do I tell you I love you?

You need a reminder.

I need a reminder.

You have impacted my life and I can’t help but thank you.

You have surprised me just as I started to think life is mundane.

You are drowning and I want to save you.

When I say I love you

I am not merely stringing sounds together.

I am telling you a story, your story, through my eyes.

I am rejoicing because there are seven billion people in the world and you are here with me.

I am thanking God for the exquisite gift of you.  Your hugs and the light in your eyes.

I am pleading desperately that you might know I’m here for you.  That you’re not alone.

When I tell you that you are precious

I mean I would not be the same person without you.

I mean it hurts me to see you in pain, when I can brush away your tears but not your sadness.

I mean the creator of matter has had you in His heart since before yours could beat.

I mean your laughter is balm to my ears, beautiful and a carrier of joy.

I mean please don’t believe that diamonds belong in dumpsters, because you don’t.

I   L O V E   Y O U